As a director and as a collective management you jointly face many challenges. In order to diligently embed the company’s values, strategy and priorities as management, it is very important that you are in conformity with each other. Also in the boardroom. About the chosen direction of the company, the budget, the expenditures, the goals, the division of roles… just to name a few.


Our executive training program provides the opportunity to take a moment to see where you stand as a company. Is the strategy still optimal, are the goals realistic, do we still have full alignment on the direction? Important questions!


Control of your attention is essential for effective management. As a member of the management team you will experience situations under pressure in various exercises, so that your own personal reactions reveal themselves and you can investigate this behavior. We look at the impact of pressure on this performance and at the same time how your performance can be improved.

Our management programme provides an adapted one-page framework that organizes and develops the critical management skills and processes required by a high performing manager. Based on the Red2Blue technique, we provide the tools to enable managers to think clearly under pressure, communicate effectively, and execute core tasks to deliver high performance.


What helps here is how the (new) direction has the greatest chance of success. We accomplish this by successively looking at the Task (is the task clear for everyone?), The Group (are we working as a group or as individuals?) And at your Self (which leadership behavior do you display?). We will notice the effect when a blockage occurs in one of the three gears. And what you can do to make the gears run smoothly again. Important: all three are interrelated and even dependent on each other.


Advantages of Gazing Performance Nederland B.V.

Our unique GPNL map and tools provide a clear, common language, focus, structure, are easy to remember and can serve as a guide to fall back on when you’re under pressure.

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Experienced Team


Daniël Staakman

Partner | Gazing Performance

Thomas about Daniel:
Daniël is an enthusiastic trainer, delivers the training with humor and creates a connected atmosphere in the participant group. He brings the lesson plans to life with striking examples.

Thomas Kolen

Partner | Gazing Performance

Daniel about Thomas:
Thomas is mindful, detailed and brings the necessary lightness to each training. Each participant is important to him, especially with regards to converting the lesson plans to their daily practice.


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