Leadership is about empowering employees to achieve set objectives. What makes your people Wantto follow you instead of Having to follow you?


Every situation between manager and employee requires its own approach, in tone and direction. We believe that using such Situational Leadership brings about effective leadership.


We all get distracted. Every day, countless times. This distraction creates pressure, because if your attention is elsewhere than on your task, you cannot perform that task optimally. Your attention is fragmented, so you lack clarity and do not apply all available information in the performance of that task.

In the training we cover:

• Where pressure comes from and your natural response to it;

• Insights into different processes that help you recognize how you get distracted;

• How you subsequently get yourself back on Task, and especially stay there;

• The interplay between structure,, mindset and skillset;

• Communicate effectively with your employees and your supervisors;

• Practicing new techniques in a safe environment.


By using various tools and the practical translation of our tools to your daily activities, you will experience the impact of this new leadership.


Advantages of Gazing Performance Nederland B.V.

Our unique GPNL “map” and tools provide a clear, common language, focus, structure, are easy to remember and can serve as a guide to fall back on when you’re under pressure.

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Experienced Team


Daniël Staakman

Partner | Gazing Performance

Thomas about Daniël:
Daniël is an enthusiastic trainer, delivers the training with humor and creates a connected atmosphere in the participant group. He brings the lesson plans to life with striking examples.

Thomas Kolen

Partner | Gazing Performance

Daniël about Thomas:
Thomas is mindful, detailed and brings the necessary lightness to each training. Each participant is important to him, especially with regards to converting the lesson plans to their daily practice.


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Thomas: 06 – 100 955 59
Daniël:    06 – 241 860 16