Perform under pressure

Our training courses focus on being able to cope with and perform under “pressure”. When you experience pressure, you are distracted from what really matters at that moment. The primary issue is control of attention.

You are already doing a lot of things well; at the same time you know you can do even better!

How can you do what you do even better? That is what we want to work at together with you, the team or the organization. By providing insight into behavioral patterns, we get to the core of themes such as Pressure, Focus and Overview. And how this affects your behavior and performance. With these insights we take the step from good to better together.

Origin of the Gazing Principle


Our name is derived from the Gazing Principe®, practiced and developed by the Japanese swordsman and philosopher, Miyamoto Musashi (1584 – 1645). His legendary courage, which enabled him to get through countless sword fights with other Samurai unscathed, was based on the “double gaze”. While he was fighting his direct opponent, he also kept an overview of the battlefield in the meantime. The key to success, as Musashi showed, lies in the continuous switching between details and overview. There is no point in focusing details of execution if you haven’t got a clear sense of overall strategy – and vice versa.

Gazing Performance Nederland combines the Gazing Principe® with Brain Based Learning and has thus developed various training programs over the past 20 years that can support you and / or your organization in improving performance. We do this in the areas of Management, Leadership and Sales.


Management Team

Is the strategy still effective, are the goals realistic, do we still have full conformity on the direction? Our Management training courses offer the opportunity to get these questions answered.


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Leadership is about empowering employees to achieve set objectives. What makes your people want to follow you instead of having to follow you? …………………………………………………………………….


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Mindset Selling

By using most effective strategies you can direct the change process inside the mind of the customer, which can lead to movement towards a decision to purchase. ……………………….


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Experienced Team


Daniël Staakman

Partner | Gazing Performance

Thomas about Daniël:
Daniël is an enthusiastic trainer, delivers the training with humor and creates a connected atmosphere in the participant group. He brings the lesson plans to life with striking examples.

Thomas Kolen

Partner | Gazing Performance

Daniël about Thomas:
Thomas is mindful, detailed and brings the necessary lightness to each training. Each participant is important to him, especially with regards to converting the lesson plans to their daily practice.


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